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Series on demand

We have extensive experience in producing series for streaming platforms.


We have extensive experience in producing series for streaming platforms.


TV & Series Productions

On Demand & Streaming

We produce video clips to be broadcasted on streaming platforms, television, and the internet.

Emotional Management

Sebastian Palermo

Emotions are part of our lives. But when they become tormenting and engulf us, they are prisons from which we need to break free.

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The week that changed history

Pablo Deiros

In each of his eight presentations, Pablo Deiros reveals in detail, day by day, how the events that marked the end of Jesus earthly ministry unfolded.

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NetFit Pro

Fitness online.

Production of fitness class videos to be played on the streaming platform NetFit Pro.



Comprehensive video production carried out in Bariloche, Argentine Patagonia, for the online streaming platform Latires, featuring prenatal classes.

From Believers to Disciples.

Christopher Shaw

Christopher Shaw invites us to discover how we can move from being believers to being disciples; that is, from being on the periphery of a crowd to taking a commitment to the person of Jesus.

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In the Deep

Carlos Mraida

Through this series, Carlos Mraida offers us a guide to help us experience ultimate healing, deep within.

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Route 21

Programa de golf España.

Program hosted by Javier Varela where he travels through the most well-known golf courses in the world.


Extreme Sports

Episodes with interviews to the best riders in Chile, coverage of extreme sports and activities.

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Intimacy with God

Marcos Brunet.

A series of 6 episodes made with Marcos Brunet, filmed in a Luthier guitar manufacturing studio and at the Coliseo theater.

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The team of Jesus

Leandro Cornou.

"An exciting 8-episode series with a global aesthetic, filmed at the unique stadium in Santiago del Estero and in Purmamarca - Jujuy.

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Jeanine Martinez.

"A 6-episode series filmed in the Buenos Aires province.

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Zero Fear

Sebastian Ojeda.

A 6-episode series filmed in Lobos, with shots also taken in flight and wind simulators.

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Jorge Salazar.

A 6-episode series filmed in Epecuen, Argentina.

The savior has been born

Jorge Salazar.

A 5-episode series filmed in Monte Hermoso.

Attractive advertising

Pre-production and production of advertisements

With a persuasive message and the creativity that characterizes us, Descubre Films brings high-impact audiovisual pieces to the movie screens.

+ Years
of experience.

Video Shooting

We produce audiovisual content in different formats, such as 6k Braw, 4k Braw, Full HD, using digital cinema equipment.

Video Editing

Take your project to the next level, we use the same software used by Hollywood professionals.

Post Production

We perform color correction of your film with integration of special effects.

Scouting - locations

We search for the best locations to shoot your video, taking into account the logistics required for each one.


We offer casting services for models and actors to fit your needs.

2D and 3D Animations

Incorporation of 3D elements, dynamic simulations, and special effects.

Aerial Filming

Make your project stand out, we have state-of-the-art drones for aerial filming.

Social media content

We create content for your digital marketing campaign in various Instagram and Facebook formats.


We offer services in direct sound recording, music composition, mastering, and voice-over recording.

Audiovisual Productions

Featured Categories

We creatively produce your audiovisual projects, whether they are small or large scale, creating advertising content with a cinematic aesthetic.


COMMERCIALSShort videos that require high technical expertise.

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MICRO-DOCUMENTARIESIt's a captivating format where the story takes center stage.

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SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENTContent designed for Instagram & Facebook, in all their formats.

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CORPORATE VIDEOSWe tell the story and future of your company in a different way.

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TV & SERIESVideos for TV and streaming platforms.

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CORPORATE EVENTSWe cover corporate events and specific marketing actions.

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